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Wandering in Wellington

Brendan and I had the absolute pleasure of spending four days in Wellington which was absolutely beautiful. Colorful houses were situated all along the Harbour of Port Nicholson. On a sunny day, (which we've heard can be quite rare for Wellington) the city is colorful and vibrant with plenty of bustling artisan cafes and bars. Brendan and I stayed at a cool hostel in the heart of the city and spent our first morning inside an Irish pub to watch the Manchester City game against Tottenham.

Our friend from college, Rachel Kaminer settled in Wellington about a month prior to our arrival and got to show us around her new home. She and her cousin, Cat, brought us to a cozy pizza pub our first night and then to a fun rooftop bar the second evening.

There were here plenty of fun and cool places to eat and drink in Wellington. From establishments that were completely Star Wars themed to laid back bars that hosted live bands three times a week, you can never get bored in Wellington.

Before leaving, we went to a games cafe where you could play any board game ever created after buying a naturally we played six rounds of UNO with Cat and Rachel.


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