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Staying at Villa Costa Norte in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to sparkling lagoons, exotic wildlife, majestic beaches and the highest peak in the Caribbean. It’s network of great roads allow you to explore the pristine shorelines with ease and the weather is nothing short of perfect.

It is the land with a rich history, a beautiful culture and is surrounded by untouched nature. The ocean is literally 50 shades of blue and is always a reachable distance from every point of the country.

We were invited to Villa Costa Norte, a beautiful villa nestled along a sea cliff with picturesque views of Cabo Frances Viejo. We’ve been to the Dominican Republic several times, but our time spent at Villa Costa Norte provided us with an unforgettable and unique experience.

Catching an early flight from JFK we flew straight into Puerto Plata. Upon landing you are immediately greeted by the tropical heat which was significantly better than the rainy weather we left behind in New York.

The only problem with short flights is that most of the time the airlines won’t provide you with a meal-just your average pretzels and bags of chips, which is the very last thing I want at 7 in the morning.

If countless delays and long flights have taught us anything, it is to always pack plenty of snacks-and no, I’m not talking about loading up on unhealthy overpriced snacks at the airport gift shops. Because of Brendan’s insatiable appetite and hangry attitude, we packed snacks and protein bars that were gifted to us by Simply Protein.

They are these awesome delicious and nutritious snacks with a healthy amount of protein and clean ingredients. To satisfy his sweet tooth, Brendan mainly goes for the Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy Bar and Chocolate Chip Baked Bar where I prefer the more fruity Lemon Crispy Bar. They are the perfect snack that can hold you over until your next meal!

Luckily we packed two boxes worth because after landing, we had an hour and a half drive up to Villa Costa Norte. The villa organised cars to pick us up from the airport and bring us up the cliff to the house while pointing out exciting landmarks around the area.

Once arriving, we were welcomed by this beautiful tropical retreat. Our bedroom suite offered us access to the infinity pool which was set against a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The staff was incredibly helpful in assisting us with everything we could ever need. With the Villa’s host Noel making us signature cocktails every day and their dedicated Chef Jose creating a total foodie heaven, they created this unbelievable ultimate all-inclusive experience in the Dominican Republic.

Villa Costa Norte offers a total relaxation experience designed to cater to all getaway visions. With a full range of services, they’re the top resource for event planning in the DR and can accommodate all parties comfortably.

The property has elaborate tropical landscaping, cascading staircases and plenty of open aired spaces to offer beautiful views of the coast. It offers perfect scenery for photographs and creates gorgeous, romantic settings for any kind of event. Their dedicated team of event professions assisted us with all of our needs and gave us the ultimate week-long vacation.

Once arriving, you’ll have everything you need to never want to leave the house. We do, however, implore you to explore the surrounding areas and take in the Dominican culture as much as you can. Just a quick drive down from the cliff is one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever been to. It is definitely on our top 10 list of the best beaches and if you are looking for a secluded beach with an undeveloped stretch of sand to get away from people and civilisation, this is your place.

We had an amazing time at Villa Costa Norte in the Dominican Republic. If you are trying to book a quick vacation to pristine beaches surrounded by beautiful nature and tranquility, the Dominican Republic is the place to go.


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