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After a fun trip of White Water Rafting, we got to unwind fot a few days in Napier, also known as the art-deco capital of the world. Jan, an old family friend, welcomed us to his home and took us around the beautiful town. We happened to be there during Halloween, and although we aren't much for celebrating the holiday back home, we seemed to make an exception for New Zealaand.

Jan and his girlfriend, Carol, brought us backstage of a vintage theatre where they sold every costume and prop imaginable. Somehow, Brendan landed on being Donald Duck...he had the yellow tights, blue sailor cap and the white fluffy tail feather to go with the costume too! A long time fan of Grease, I picked up a pink ladies jacket and dressed as Sandra Dee. We were not the best "couple's costume" to say the least.

We were lucky enough to tag along with Jan and Carol to their friend's Halloween party, where every adult was dressed as a scary character...making Brendan feel even more ridiculous.

Our last day in Napier, Brendan and I set out on bikes and got to explore the town. We visited the aquarium and bumped into our friend Matt, who we met back in Fiji. Though we were unable to participate in any wine tours due to the weather, we're excited to visit this beautiful town once again in the summer time to see it for its true beauty.


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