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Glow Worm Caves

After spending the night in Coromandel, we made the drive down to Waitomo for the Glow Worm Cave tour. About a 3 hour drive through some beautiful farmland with rolling hills against the backdrop of mountains in the distance. There was quite literally nothing for miles, just thousands of cows and sheep with occasional farmhouses broken up by a small town of 30 buildings every 45 minutes or so. Once we got to the caves, we were brought out back to suit up in our wet suits because the water was freezing. We spent the first 15 minutes or so climbing through tiny caves and crevices exploring some of the stalagmites hanging everywhere. As we continued deeper into the caves, carrying our tubes we waded through waste deep water, jumped off of waterfalls in the pitch black, and finally got a lazy river ride through the last stretches of the underground passageways. As we floated through, we were treated to some amazing views of the the glow worms hanging above us. These caves and worms were actually featured on a National Geographic's 10 Worst Ways to Die in the Animal Kingdom.


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