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Coromandel Sunset

After our day hiking through Cathedral Cove, we had to make the hour and a half drive back up over the mountains to the town of Coromandel where we were staying the night. The stunning drive presented us with a gorgeous sunset as we came over the top of the mountain pass and began our descent toward the town on the bay. We actually turned around at the bottom and drove 20 minutes back up the winding road to the top to fully take in the views.

Later that night, we also heard a loud alarm going off that you could easily hear for miles. We ran outside and were spooked it was a tsunami warning at first, but no one seemed to be moving. Crazy enough, most towns outside of the major cities here are so small they have no local law enforcement/fire department. What we were actually hearing was the alarm that calls in all volunteer fire fighters in the area to come respond to what they are needed for.


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